A D Rattray Whisky Experience & Shop

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A D Rattray Whisky Experience & Shop

A unique experience with a whisky for everyone...

The A D Rattray Whisky Experience, which is free to enter, will introduce you to the world of Scotch whisky and educate you about this wonderfully complex product. We will illustrate how whisky is made and how, over time, each cask matures and develops its individual charm and unique personality. Whether you are a complete novice, still learning or a connoisseur, we are confident you will find your visit interesting and engaging.

The A D Rattray Whisky Shop offers a diverse range of whiskies for all tastes and budgets. From known brands to lesser-known gems of individual cask bottlings, a section completely dedicated to the old and very rare alongside a selection from around the world. We have a whisky for everyone!


We look forward to welcoming you with a dram!