Alliance Wine

Beyond Boundaries


Head Office Address:

7 Beechfield Road

Willowyard Estate

Beith, Ayrshire

KA15 1LN



Telephone: 01505 506 060




Alliance Wine

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An Alliance is what it’s all about… the coming together of like minded individuals motivated to provide the best wines, the best value and the very best service. We’ve been honing our abilities for 30 years and we’re very proud that Alliance is at the forefront of the UK wine trade - championing new classic wines, innovating approaches to age-old problems and rallying against the ordinary, homogenous wines that dominate UK shelves.

We want you to enjoy the fruits of our labours. At Alliance, wine is more than a drink – it is a way of life for all of our staff and for our producers. We source intriguing, characterful wines from producers whose wines speak loudly of their sense of place rather than clever wine making techniques. In turn our clients benefit from high quality wines with real stories that make selling great wine all the more fun – not to mention more profitable!

Whether it is sourcing new wines, organising innovative tastings and events or

taking and delivering an order, we go Beyond Boundaries to exceed your expectations. Talk is cheap.

Action means more.