Mancini’s Ice Cream

Finest ice creams in Scotland




Mancini's Ice Cream

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Mancini’s Ice Cream

Finest ice creams in Scotland

Mancini’s Ice Cream has been in existence for all of 99 years. This long history of making ice cream has made it part of our family heritage. We feel this has helped make ours one of the finest ice creams in Scotland. At Mancini’s, the focus is on both taste and quality. We use fine ingredients, traditional methods and don’t add unnecessary additives. Mancini’s produce high quality products ranging from dairy and non-dairy ice cream, fresh fruit sorbets and Italian high quality frozen desserts. The company can produce over 200 different flavours of ice cream.

Antonio Mancini arrived in London in the very late part of 19th Century from Italy. After a number of years in London he then moved to Glasgow and then in 1910 on down the Clyde coast to the town of Ayr. The Mancini family started making ice cream in 1913 at King Street where the family stayed and in 1917 Michael Mancini was born.

For a small company, Mancini’s have a big name for ice cream in the UK we have won the Champions of Champion award at national competitions.  This is  highest award  achievable Mancini’s ice cream has been passed down through the family for four generations.  Filippo Mancini is the passion behind the company and in a few months time Mancini will celebrate the centenary.  Francesco Bonfanti  recently came on board and has taken on the role as head chef assisted by Mark Mancini at the newly refurbished Filippo’s Bistro/ Royal Cafe.