Specially penned by Rab Wilson

Ayrshire poet Rab Wilson premiered the Taste Ayrshire Poem at our Gala Dinner at Lochgreen House Hotel on Friday 18th October 2013.


We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

As Ayrshire as an Ayrshire Coo!

Whit dis ‘Taste Ayrshire’ say tae you?

Frae Wemyss Bay doun tae Ballantrae,

We’ve food an drink that’s pure gourmet!

This feast we’ve aa consumed the nicht,

That’s caused oor tastebuds sic delicht,

Crisp Pork Belly frae Nethergate,

Langoustines that fill oor plate,

Braw Roast Saddle o Ayrshire Lamb,

Slow Cooked Shoulder, Potato Gratin,

Fresh frae the orchard, Lochgreen’s pears,

Coffee an hame-made Petit Fours!

An thon is jist a tiny swatch,

O Ayrshire’s finest culinary catch!

We’ve products here the warld wid envy,

That Scotland’s finest chef’s tak tent ae,

Frae places that ye’d hauf forgotten;

Cultoun, Cottrine an Tarbowton!

Nou dinnae lauch, fir that’s nae joke,

These places produce food that’s bespoke!

An whiles there’s Ayrshire Farmer’s Market,

Wha growe their ain an distribute it!

Arran Distillery, Arran Brewery,

Nectar fir the wise voluptuary

Abune the Brewery the flag’s unfurled,

Voted the best ale in the warld!

An gin ye hae a sweeter tooth,

We’ve pastries that melt in yer mooth;

Dunlop Dairy, Torrylin Creamery,

James of Arran, Costley’s Patisserie!

Ice creams that are the crème de la crème!

Made frae auld recipes, priceless gems,

Haun’t doun bi Scots-Italian faimiles,

The likes o Geraldo’s an Mancini’s!

We’ve Ayrshire Dairies an Ayrshire Glen,

An ither companies ah cuid nem!

‘Taste Ayrshire’s’ aimin tae create,

A global brand, a ‘foody’ state,

Whaur gourmets heid fir oor wee nation,

Wi Ayrshire as their destination,

Food tourism nou’s a massive realm,

Wi Colin Burns here at the helm,

An Willie Mackie as their Chair,

Wi fowk lik Costley, Bey an Blair,

Wilkinson, Dobson an Drysdale,

‘Taste Ayrshire’s’ ready tae set sail!

Sae come aboard an feast yer eyes,

Oan Ayrshire’s pastries, cakes an pies!

An ither things we hae gaun oan,

Wi sponsors Itison.com,

Oor Festival o Ayrshire Food,

That features aathing fine an guid!

We’ve food an drink tae stand the test!

Sae come an ‘Taste o Ayrshire’s’ best!

Local Food Hero Award

Ayrshire Business Awards 2014

Taste Ayrshire is sponsoring the Local Food Hero Award at the Ayrshire Business Awards 2014, to be held at Seamill Hydro on Thursday, 9th October. This prestigious award recognises the outstanding contribution of individuals or businesses who focus on promoting local Ayrshire food. The Local Food Hero Award winner will have shown particular commitment to the production, sales or promotion of local food and drink, resulting in the long term benefit and development of their business and the local area.

Thursday 9th October


We know how good Ayrshire food is and we're looking forward to another bumper crop of entries this year.


You can get entry forms from Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry by clicking here and entries must be returned to info@entourageuk.com by Friday 22nd August.

Ayr County Show

 Hamper Winner - Mrs Sheila Inglis

Congratulations to Mrs Sheila Inglis from Girvan who won our hamper raffle at Ayr County Show on Saturday 10th May. We’re sure Sheila and her family will enjoy everything in the hamper which contains a superb selection of Ayrshire food.


The hamper includes cheese from Dunlop Dairy, Petrie Fine Foods gluten free chocolate cake, everythingCHILLI’s Lime

10th May 2014

Shred, Roundsquare Roastery whisky smoked coffee beans, balsamic vinegar from Little Doone Foods, hand made chocolates and tablet from Lime Tree Larder, Stark Rapeseed Oil, Arran Oatcakes from Wooleys of Arran, Graeme’s Honey, Cedar Cottage Country Food’s very own Hairy Beast Steak Pies and Threepwood Fayre’s dumpling and macaroons.